Things To Buy In Pakistan - Add to your Shopping Bucket

Pakistan one of the Major Muslim Country in the world But Here you can buy many beautiful things and add it to your shopping list so don't go anywhere Stay with SiliconIndia Travel to Unlock different Places you can visit in Pakistan for filling your Shopping bucket

This beautiful country in Asia, adjoining India has many similarities with India in terms of way of life and hospitality. The country is rich in mineral resources, marbles and even has some of the world's unique and specialized artisanship for Jewelry, pottery, and weaving rugs. Even though there is much unrest in the political scene, nothing has subdued the nation from catering some of the world's awe-inspiring creations to its customers. Here is a look at some of the things you can buy while touring Pakistan:

Multani ceramics

The city of Multan is an important source of minerals used for processing dolomite, bricks and pottery. The unique Blue pottery is available in the nearby markets. The locals call it the "Kashikari". The exquisite earthenware has interesting designs and it makes use of red clay. You can buy souvenirs such as lamps, flowerpots, Vases, Dish plates and trays made of it. Although the machines are transforming the procedures, many artisans follow the traditional methods for its preparation.
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