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Thrissur Zoo

Thrissur Zoo is undoubtedly one of the major travel attractions in Thrissur. Spread over an extensive spread of 13.5 acres of land area, the zoological garden in Thrissur is home to a wide variety of animals, reptiles and birds. The species also include some of the rare and endangered varieties.

The variety of wildlife in the Thrissur zoo includes tiger, lion, deer, sloth bears, monkeys, hippopotamus, camel and other diverse varieties. The avi-faunal varieties range from pink flamingos, mithun of the north-eastern hills, lion-tailed macaque and an assortment of many other species in myriad hues.
Along with entertainment, conservation of endangered species is a primary reason for the upcoming of the zoo in Thrissur and with this in mind the zoo also undertakes research and breeding of animals. The miscellaneous reptiles of this wonderful zoo are worth mentioning. Cobras, kraits, viper, rat snakes and such other varieties inspire awe, especially among the children.

The public zoo of Thrissur is all through adorned by landscaped gardens. A natural history museum and an art museum are also enclosed within the same premises showcasing the socio-cultural heritage of thee region. Excavations from Wayanad and Thrissur are valuable displays of the museums.
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