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1.Mumbai to Goa RoadTrip: The "Dil Chahta Hai" Route

You must have guessed it by now. Yes, its the legendary 'Dil Chahta Hai' route.The road trip between Mumbai and Goa needs no introduction. I'm sure, this is one trip that all travel lovers have mentioned in their bucket lists and wish to experience at least once in their lives and rightly so, because of the immensity of the trip appendage to the growth of the individual experience. Driving on National Highway 17 is a pleasure and the picturesque route has several food joints to answer your food cravings en route to the beach party capital of India - Goa.


2.Ahmedabad to Kutch - Towards the White Salt Desert:

Isn't it great when you are able to find gems in the unlikeliest of places? You can find several of them on this road trip from Ahmedabad.The journey to Kutch from Ahmedabad is fun and compliments the experience one gets on reaching the destination. The endless expanse of the white salt desert is brilliantly complimented by the colourful life of the people of Kutch and the neighbouring handicraft villages, including Nirona, Nakhtarana and Hodko.


3.The Road to Kanchenjunga:

Sikkim, we were told, was a fairy-tale kind of place and A bright yellow sign on the winding road to Sikkim roads. Known for its isolation, its mystical monasteries, its princesses and chogyals and Himalayan people estranged from modern life, this tiny thumbprint of a state was said to possess an air of myth and magic quite unlike anywhere else in India, IT'S NOT A RALLY, ENJOY THE VALLEY. Another pronounces, THE ROAD IS HILLY, DON'T BE SILLY.


4.Southern Sojourn Bangalore-Coorg:

Snuggled in the western ghats, Coorg, an anglicised name for Kodagu, is a district of the state of Karnataka, India. Populated with a warrior clan, it is an epicurean haven wearing cozy attributes - hills, plantations, a famous river, wildlife and coffee. A whiff of mystery surrounds the origin of the natives, Kodavas. Nevertheless, results are rather exotic with agriculture, wealth and success in the blood. The region is also referred as 'Scotland of India'.There are two popular road routes to drive to Coorg to, the first option is to drive to Coorg from Bangalore, first is via Mysore, the second is via Channarayapatna on the NH48 towards Hassan from Bangalore.


5.Shimla to Manali via Mandi:

Start early from Shimla so you can spend more time on the way towards Manali and reach before dark. Shimla to Manali is one of the popular tourist routes in Himachal Pradesh. Tourist arrive at Shimla by toy train or by bus from Delhi, Chandigarh , Kalka etc. After staying one day or half day at Shimla you can start for Manali.Start early from Shimla so you can spend more time on the way towards Manali and reach before dark.


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