Top 10 Lawless Countries in the World

Lawlessness is the new order of state in several countries today, in one way or the other. Despite an existing world order and international institutions keeping a close watch on law & order in all countries, we still see the worst possible atrocities taking place every day.
However if we have to rank the countries with most instances of lawlessness on a scale of 10 it would be the following:

1. Colombia

Wrecked by more than half a century of civil war, political conflict and drug trade, Colombia is a modern nation which is in total disorder. Most of us would have guessed a middle-eastern or an African nation to top the list of most disturbed nations, but to our surprise Colombia it is. Colombia, a country that is deeply divided between the rich Spanish decent and a majority of poor citizens is a victim of narco-terrorist group, residential crimes, political violence and drug trafficking. This Latin American country is a weak state dominated by rebel groups.

2. Somalia

Somalia is a disintegrating country that is being exploited by both internal and external source. Unlike Colombia, which has a modern system of law & order in place, Somalia is a country that still abides by their ancient system, where elders in the town or city meet to discuss the problem to provide a solution. Poverty, hunger, gang wars are all common in Somalia, most of the crimes committed barely have a fixed punishment. This system makes way for such atrocities. One could call it a barbaric country still unaware of its fundamental rights.

3. Brazil

It might be hard to picture a South American nation among the list of dangerous countries. But the fact remains the fact; Brazil is seen as one of the uncivilized nations on planet Earth. One of the most beautiful tourist destinations, Brazil is also one of the most dangerous places to be in. The country's murder rate, robbery and abduction are dangerously high. Poverty and lack of education is the unavoidable reason which explains the conditions in the country.

4. Pakistan

Pakistan, a victim of its own wrong doings. Home-grown terrorism is invariably the reason why Pakistan is in such a plight today. Despite the deteriorating crime conditions in the country, corruption still continues to grow which in turn allows such crimes to take place. The country is now under the watch of international watchdogs and is black-listed by most nations.

5. Afghanistan

Despite the efforts made by external powers to oust terrorism from the grounds of Afghanistan, there is a strong presence of these evil groups in the country. Terrorism supplemented with a weak government completely destroyed peace in the country. Rebel groups which hold reasonably large areas in the country facilitate drug-trafficking, rape and other heinous crimes. Women rights and child rights are worst vilotaions in the country.

6. Congo

Even the statesmen have given up on the states' lawlessness. Congo a country belonging to numerous tribes and ethnic groups requires an organized center with organized states. Though there is a government present at the center, none of the tribes are ready to follow the orders passed by the center. Therefore, the minimum sources of the government now stand incapable of controlling their people. Warlords and militias are the ones who rule the citizens and rapes and murders occur on a daily basis here.

7. Burundi

Burundi is a war torn country that still hasn't found an answer to the lawlessness in the country. Lack of governance allows civil wars and ethnic wars which worsen the situation. The number of impoverished people in the country is ever increasing and others are either suffering from chronic illnesses like HIV-AIDS or fighting the dangerous wars. The state is not in a position to provide basic medication to its citizens as well.

8. Iraq

Iraq doesn't require an introduction to explain its status I suppose. A list like this cannot go without Iraq mentioned in it. A beautiful country rich in minerals is unfortunately dominated by leaders drunk by power. People continue to die for no fault of their own. After the death of its brutal leader Saddam Hussein, Iraq could not find an efficient leader who can restore peace and harmony in the nation.

9. Venezuela

Yet another South American nation which has fallen victim to enormous crime rates in the country. The state is unable to provide basic safety to its citizens who are under constant threat from rebels. Robberies, abduction are severely high in the country. Shortage of food and basic resources is what drives the people to take to heinous ways to earn a livelihood.

10. Mexico

Mexico, a crucial transit point for drug traffickers from South America and is itself a breeding ground for illegal drug traffickers. The robust demand from the United States for Marijuana, keeps this awful business growing bigger than ever. However the conflicts between the drug cartels, police and military agents have been rising in the recent past. Operation Michoacan, a military operation against drug trafficking began a new phase in a drug war that turned Mexico into one of the most violent countries on earth. The consequences of this war are so severe that more people have died here than those that were killed in Iraq.
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Reader's comments(18)
The most uncivilised and dangerous country in the modern world. I have been away from India for over 50 years; four IAS and four PCS judicial majistrates ordered a coup that possessed my inheritance by guns. The assassination attempts failed, injuring me for life. India life. India never employs ferocious warriors as the judicial majistrates.Victoria BC Canada
Posted by: Ramesh Mishra - 15 Apr, 2023
2: The robust demand from the United States for Marijuana, keeps this awful business growing bigger than ever. Just want to say herb is no drug, is medication.
Posted by: Legalize It - 06 Apr, 2023
3: Ironic. This article coming from a country where people shit in the street and dump their dead into the only source of fresh drinking water.
The country that has multiple wars with neighbohrs and who has call centers with scams running all over the place with minimal police response
Posted by: Monteverde - 25 Aug, 2021
4: I agree 100%
Adam replied to: Monteverde post - 22 Mar, 2023
5: Where tf do these accusations come from? This is the condition in your country lmao. You and your race should be last people talking about committing crimes. Both North and South America is populated by people who don’t belong to those countries and are living on lands shamelessly stolen from native amiricans. Your stupid opinion tells me that you haven’t travelled to India once in your lifetime but think you know enough about the country to make a biased opinion of the country lmao. Get a life instead of hating on others and have fun getting c*cked by Tyrone lol
Arnav replied to: Monteverde post - 22 Jan, 2022
6: Libya is also one of the most corrupt countries in the world. the country is divided into three provinces. crime. kidnapping. and widespread terrorist attacks are dangerously high. and the three governments that control each of the provinces are completely powerless. the country is also under constant civil war from terrorist and local militias.
Posted by: Flash - 21 Sep, 2020
7: India is most dangerous and most uncivilised due to government patronised communal riot (ex: 2012 Guzrat riot when present central PM Modi who was provincial PM in the then time intentionally became actionless during riot, there are so many riots taking place in India; for example 2020 Capital city of India Delhi riot), there is mob attack when police is confused due to intentional non communications from centre, there is mess death being trampled during religious processions from temples, there are female children killing (female insecticide) in rural India, there are mob attacks if somebody eat beefs (no McDonald’s , no burger!!!), there are ruling party young wing bandits group called shibsena who attack on other community people now and then if things do not come in favour of them.
Posted by: Samad Baker - 03 Aug, 2020
8: Omg for the love of God pleas do your goddamn research and shut your racist mouth
Svinbdnl replied to: Samad Baker post - 19 Aug, 2022
9: Lmaooooo where do you get this information from? “Female insecticide” lmaoooooo get a proper education before you start to form an opinion of how 1.3 Billion people live their lives. You are most probably a Paki lmao just yesterday a bomb blast happened in your second biggest city and you still have the confidence to school other countries on how to live their lives and run their countries. Get a job because your Arab masters will treat you like sh*t if you stay this way. Your country is the number one country for honour killings and yet you have the confidence to school us on woman safety. Women in your country get murdered for merely showing their face in a mobile video and you are out here talking about woman safety. Ask your beggar pm to concentrate more on your country than the west or maybe find some time from his divorce-marriage cycle triggered paki b*tch.
Gulnaz replied to: Samad Baker post - 23 Jan, 2022
10: How many indians do u know stupid
Raju replied to: Samad Baker post - 01 Aug, 2021
11: India is said to be quite safe, and civilized.
Perhaps with the exception that nobody showers hardly
MELANIE ANNA GALISON replied to: Samad Baker post - 24 Jan, 2021
12: Europeans also dont shower.
Legalize It replied to: MELANIE ANNA GALISON post - 06 Apr, 2023
13: Are you on dope? All your comments are political. India is less dangerous and more civilized that perhaps 90 percent of the UN listed countries. Leave polities and religion aside and then look at the question. Is India unsafe to live or for visitors. The answer is NO. As regards crime they are in every country. What needs to be seen is the crime rate per million population under each category. This will give the true picture!
Suprio replied to: Samad Baker post - 03 Aug, 2020
14: Rather we can say N Modi is among the most uncivilised PM. No doubt during his tenure India has become most unsafe places for its planned riotd
Afzal replied to: Suprio post - 13 Jun, 2021
15: Prophet Mohammad is the most barbaric and uncivilized and fortunately he is dead.
Nasser replied to: Afzal post - 17 Nov, 2021
16: May Allah forgive you for you are ignorant of your actions
Abdulfataireplied to: Nasser post - 05 Jun, 2022
17: Well spoken brother.
Legaliz Itreplied to: Abdulfatai post - 06 Apr, 2023
18: hey(with rizz)
rizz replied to: Legaliz It post - 10 Aug, 2023