Top Heritage Sites in Europe

There are numerous architectural wonders and heritage sites in the world where millions of tourists fly from different parts of the world to see them. These amazing sites have their own history which can be traced back to centuries. Europe has some of the finest architectural sites. Here are few that you should visit at least once in your lifetime -

Tower of London

Top Heritage Sites in Europe

The tower of London is a major attraction in the centre of London, which is officially called as the Her Majesty's Royal Palace and Fortress. Even though the tower is not occupied by the royal family anymore, it is considered to be one of the official royal residences. It is mainly a tourist attraction with architectural wonders. Crown jewels, a royal armour collection and remnants of a Roman fortification are the items on display. This historical building is the oldest in Europe that is used by the British Government. It has served the purposes of a prison, fortress, zoo, treasury, palace and more.
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