Top Horse Riding Destinations of The World

Horse rides were the only means to commute in the ancient days. Although today the engines have usurped the horses, the remnants of its usage are still present in many parts of the world, but more so as a recreation. Many Equestrian clubs primarily focus on rides through some of the world's rugged terrains. It is more enjoyable as the journey takes place through wilderness of nature that the different landscapes of the world offers. Some of the top destinations for horse rides are:

The Golden Circle, Iceland


The trek involves saddling across the volcanic plains of Iceland, coming across the stunning Gullfoss waterfalls, with a startling sight of mountains and glaciers. You will follow the scenic path of Hvita River, to come across a deep Canyon. One can halt at Gesir geothermal area for a couple of days; also witness the Strokkur geyser erupting every few minutes, making the splash of water in air visible. The horses look fabulous with their hairy mane. Though they are not of the usual thoroughbred size, they are reportedly the sturdiest pedigree of horses, used since the time of Vikings.

Tuscany, Italy


You can visit the hot springs at Lagoni or gallop across the verdant path leading to the archaic Silver mines near the village of Gerfalco, with a clear view of the sea. Much of its lands are abandoned as people have migrated to cities and towns. The ride across the villages in Chianti Classico region is memorable with canters and trots. You can savor the Tuscan pizzas and unique gastronomical wonders. Many places of historical importance can be visited along the trail.

Masai Mara, Kenya


Kenya's landscapes can be best experienced by visiting the Masai Mara Game reserve on horseback. Encounters with tall Giraffe, and other wild ones are common while on trail. The indigenous people still follow their ancient rituals and way of life. They are the cow herders, also warriors who are happy to pose for camera. You can halt at the banks of the Mara River, where hippos love to wallow in the pool nearby. One can catch a glimpse of dancing flamingos at the lakes such as Nakuru or Bogoria.

Valley de Bravo, Mexico


You can come across the "haciendas" or the Spanish estates in the town of Valle de bravo. The Toluca volcano is clearly visible in the background. The place is surrounded by scenic mountains. The Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary can be explored on a horseback, soaking in the majesty of innumerable butterflies. The trek has all the Mexican charm with pine forests and lakes along. Passing through its grasslands is a smooth ride. The Europeans manage the horse rides, without compromising on any aspects of Mexican flavor.

Rajasthan, India


The Marwari horses are a unique type of horses, which are sleek and tall with pointed ears. One can explore the places while cantering along the sand dunes of Jaisalmer or the forests of Udaipur and Ajmer. These horses are much revered and are long associated with the erstwhile Rajputs, who ruled the State for many years. One can also experience the local culture and cuisine offered by the trek management groups and local restaurants serving local dishes.

Equine treks are the most thrilling when on a journey far away from the clamor of city's traffic and maddening crowd. From the Icelandic journeys to the Indian subcontinents, there are many unexplored territories, far from the reach of the urban chaos. You can get enrolled with a reputed equine camp organizer and you could be safe in an unknown country or place.
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