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Tourist Targeted Coastal Land of Karnataka, Gokarna

The Primary sanctuary deity is Lord Shiva, who is otherwise called Mahabhaleshwara. Gokarna is not only famous for Hindu pilgrimage centers but also for its silence seashore. Today, the western seaside range Gokarna is overwhelmed with western visitor throughout the year because of its laid back unspoiled and provincial nature; many younger western sightseers started visiting Gokarna about a decade ago.

Lies nearly 500km from the Bangalore city, Gokarna are standout amongst the most celebrated and tourists most targeted Coastal Land of Karnataka. The seaside town of Karnataka, Gokarna has numerous shorelines particularly; Kudle Beach, Om Beach, Half Moon Beach, Paradise Beach and several more.

Om Beach: The Om beach is one of the most celebrated beaches in Coastal Land of Gokarna; the Beach is further along the coast from Kudle. The only clean beach that visited throughout the year, the beach has an excellent "Namaste Cafe" where the second half of the beach is packed with restaurants offering cheap accommodation in the form of bamboo or concrete beach huts. Internet and travel booking are available on the beach however, there are no ATM facilities. In the stormy season, there are exceptionally constrained options for boarding and lodging.

Kudle Beach: Towards the South of the Gokarna Beach, an accessible by a short downhill stroll from auto stop point at the northern and southern end of the Beach. The northern drop off point is closer to Gokarna town. An excellent Kudle Beach has experienced an unwanted human disaster since, the coconut trees have been cut and the rice paddies have completely vanished. On both sides, the hills have been destroyed to build terraces for some rival resort projects nonetheless; the calm beach still seizes thousands and thousands of tourists from all across the globe.

Half Moon Beach: Half Moon Beach is extra modest and less created than Om Beach and is arrived at by strolling over the cape from Om Beach. Facilities are limited; there are several little restaurants and a set number of huts.

Paradise Beach: Paradise beach is the most remote beach from Gokarna town. The hotels and restaurants have been wrecked via land holders hence; any longer there are truly no facilities accessible aside from a man offering melted chocolate bars.

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