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Welcome to the Niagara Region

Niagara- Canada

Welcome to the Niagara Region

For centuries, Canada's Niagara Region has exerted its magnetic pull on travellers from every corner of the world.

The attractions are abundant and appealing. With its spectacular natural setting between two Great Lakes and bordering the Niagara River, the region is a peninsula that rises up into a towering escarpment. And while Niagara Falls may be the areas most famous natural attraction, it is just one of Niagara's many wonders.

Niagara is comprised of 12 distinct and vibrant communities, all just a short drive from one another. They range from cities, urban in look and attitude, to towns and villages, rural and relaxed in nature, with each offering its own unique choice of recreational and educational opportunities.

For multicultural travelers, Niagara's culturally diverse population allows visitors to travel confident in the knowledge that all are openly welcome regardless of race, religion, nationality or choice of lifestyle.

Joined to New York State by four international bridges, Peace Bridge, Rainbow Bridge, Whirlpool Bridge (Nexus pass holders only) and Queenston-Lewiston Bridge, Niagara, Canada is minutes from Buffalo and within 1 1/2 hour drive from Toronto.

With its incredible diversity and proximity, Niagara, Canada is a true original and a world class destination that draws people back time and time again.
Niagara, Canada is one of the most attractive four-season destinations in the world. From the sheer spectacle of Niagara Falls to the region’s renowned wine country, from its rich history to its beautiful parks and hiking and biking trails, Niagara overflows with things to see and do. We invite you to visit and spend a few days to explore and to delight in the discoveries that await you around every corner.
DISCOVER THE ATTRACTIONS-Niagara overflows with attractions. Many of Niagara's top attractions are within walking distance from the Falls.
DISCOVER THE WINERIES-There are over 80 outstanding wineries in Niagara. Come relax and sample the best of Niagara wine country.
DISCOVER THE CYCLING-Far-reaching trails like the Greater Niagara Circle Route and the Waterfront Trail satisfy beginner and advanced cyclists alike.
DISCOVER THE HISTORY-In 1812 it was land that was fought for. Today, numerous historic and heritage sites offer a history lesson like no other.
DISCOVER THE BEAUTY-The beauty of Niagara's parks and diverse natural areas sets it apart. Hundreds of outdoor experiences await.
DISCOVER THE BOUNTY-The best way to savour Niagara is to visit our many culinary destinations. Be sure to make stops along the Niagara Culinary Trail.
The Niagara Region offers an abundance of attractions for the spring season so there is no reason not to come and explore Niagara any time of the year.
Enjoy a show at the Centre of the Arts at Brock University or Fallsview Casino Resort. You will be dazzled by the performances in Niagara. Or take a drive along the Niagara Culinary Trail and taste the bounty of Niagara. Our restaurants and entertainment keep people amazed all year round.
Niagara springs into bloom with festivals and events to celebrate the warmer weather and end of winter. Don't miss the 50th Anniversary of the Rose Festival Exhibit at the Welland Historical Museum in Welland from April to June. Or rejoice in Niagara talent at In the Soil-Niagara's Homegrown Arts Festival end of April.
A car ride along the Niagara Parkway from Fort Erie through Niagara Falls to Niagara-on-the-Lake will showcase the beautiful scenery that Niagara has. View Lake Erie, Niagara River and Niagara Falls, exquisite vineyards and Canada’s Prettiest Town, Niagara-on-the-Lake during the spring blossoms. Be amazed with how breathtaking Niagara is in spring.
The Gateway to Niagara
We live in a special place, nestled between beautiful Lake Ontario and the majestic Niagara Es-carpment. From its roots as a service centre to Niagara's thriving agricultural industry, Grimsby has developed to become the preferred place in which to live and do business in Niagara.

Although less than an hour's drive from Toronto's world-class cultural milieu, Grimsby is the personification of a small town. It's quiet, tree-lined avenues, its rural area, the natural Niagara Escarpment which winds through the town's centre, the beaches on the shores of Lake Ontario and its many parks define "home" to now over 26,000 people.
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