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World Famous Tea Estate-The Darjeeling

Considered as the Worlds renowned tea domain, Darjeeling town lies at the highest point of the Himalayas. As indicated by the history, the tea planting started in Darjeeling since, 1841. The perception of tea planting at the top of the Mighty Himalayas was brought by the Britisher as they figured out that the hill station, Darjeeling atmosphere and geography was implied for tea. Undeniably; the Darjeeling tea estate is one of the must visit place for tourist as the hill station is personified with its temperament.

Happy Valley Tea Estate
Established in 1854, the Happy Valley Tea Estate is placed around 3 kilometers north of town. Lies 2,750 meters above the ocean level, the most established enclosure of Darjeeling, Happy Valley Tea Estate is one of the most noteworthy tea estates on the planet. Stunningly astonishing photography, the tea estate grows one of the finest teas in Darjeeling. It opens on Tuesday to Saturday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Chamong Tea Estate
Wonderful tea estate with lavish greenery, the Chamong tea estate lies in the bumpy of the North Eastern Himalayas. Stood at about 4000-6000 feet above the ocean level, the family-claimed enclosure which is also called the flagship garden is 9000 hectares. It is one of the beautiful tea estates which spread in excess of 7 principle valleys in one district in the state of West Bengal in India. The natural tea bequest is an illustration of virgin forest land that promises thrills to the sensitive visitor.

Ambootia Tea Estate
The famous black tea gardens of Darjeeling, the garden that encased a range of 19,000 hectares. Considered as one of the must visit place for the tourist, the Ambootia Tea estate holds an astonishing scene where the tea domain is acclaimed for delivering the finest teas since the 1850s.

Tumsong Tea Estate
Considered as one of the most famous tea estates for its premium tea, the sprawling Tumsong tea estate surpluses roughly an area of 100 meters. The beautiful tea estate is fabulous among all as one can views the third largest mountain range, the Kanchenjunga.

Pussimbing Tea Estate
Considered as one of the must visit tea estate in India. The 120 year-old, legacy tea domain, Pussimbing tea estate commit to 100% organic cultivation. The tea estate tenders a wonderful sight with its two mountain flow along with numbers of streams and waterfalls.

Best Time to Visit
March to November for tea plucking, however the rainstorm season begins from the month of June and last till September.

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