Abbey Falls, Coorg

Karnataka boasts of some scenic and exotic hill stations that are frequented by those seeking the green and serene. Among them one such location would be the Abbey falls. This waterfalls also known as the Abbi falls, is amidst of lush spread of coffee plantation and is located at about 10kms from the town of Madikeri, Western Ghats.

Abbey Falls
The waters join the river Cauvery, proves to be the trekkers delight. The British called it the Jessie waterfalls in memory of Jessie the daughter of Madikeri's first captain. It is located in a private property and decently maintained. Abby cascades 70 ft down to flow as a small river .The falls appear suddenly, the water cascading over rocks into calm pools. A path through coffee and cardamom plantation off the main road adds to the attraction of the falls. Enjoy the gushing, roaring beauty but a desire to take a dip in the cool waters may prove to be risky.

The falls is more enjoyable within the fenced area where from you get its friendly pose for your camera. A hanging bridge has now been built across the gorge here offering a good view of the falls. The best time to visit is early winter when the monsoons bring plenty of water. Do take Immense care at this falls as adventure stuffs in the falls has always led to a sorrow ending.

The falls is in the midst of thick coffee bushes and tall trees entwined with pepper vines. One must walk on the hanging bridge to get a good view of the falls.The best time to visit will be during the monsoon when the waterfalls in full gush and also during the beginning of winter. Do watch out for the leeches during these times on the marshes of the falls.

While walking towards the Falls you will be able to hear the sound of the gushing waters cascading down a rocky gorge. During the monsoon season the Abbey Falls swell up with continuous supply of rain showers and the water rushes down the mountain at enormous speed. The scenic locales around the Abbey Falls make it an ideal picnic spot. A hanging bridge constructed just opposite the falls comes in handy for the Tourists. There is a Kali Mata temple on the other side of the bridge and Coffee and Black Pepper trees on the other side.

Best time to visit: The best time to visit the Abbey Falls is from July to October when monsoon brings in plenty of water.

By Road: From Bangalore 270 kms (Bangalore-Mysore-Madekeri). Nearest town 10kms (Madikeri). Mangalore 136 kms, Mysore 120 kms
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