Activities in Dahab

Activities in Dahab
Activities in Dahab

There are many ways to spend your time in Dahab. But one of the most popular pass times is to relax and chill out in one of the many beach cafes, while considering what of the many activities to do. Dahab's beach cafes serve a wide range of drinks and breakfasts, snacks, and dinners at very reasonable prices. Dahab is is the perfect place to get away from stress and hectic lives, so do as the locals like to do- relax and take it easy.
We will be constantly updating and expanding this section of our web site. So that you can plan any type of activity or adventure that suits you and your holiday itinerary.

Safaris and Day Trips

Dahab and Sinai have a wealth of fascinating places to visit. Many are linked with legends or religious history or stunning natural land and sea scapes. We offer ecological and cultural safari packages, and day trips tailored to your specific interests. Sinai has a an interesting history, visit the famous Mount Sinai and St Catherine's Monastery, or the beautiful Oasis of Feiran.

Water Sports

Dahab and the Red Sea have been famous for its diving opportunities for many years. But now there are so many more ways to enjoy the red sea .

Dive Safaris

For experienced divers only, your chance to dive in some of Sinai's most remote and beautiful reefs. There is a huge range of coral gardens and species of fish. You may also be lucky enough to see a rare turtle at some of these out of the way dive sites. We use Desert Divers a 5 Star Padi Centre and Sinai's best at Remote Dive Safaris using a mobile compressor you can really dive off the beaten track.

Cultural & Land Based Activities

Yoga classes on the beach at sunrise to relaxing aromatherapy massages. Try a traditional Bedouin feast in the desert, or a horse ride at sunset. There are many ways to enjoy the spirit of Dahab.

There are some great shops and things to buy including excellent jewelry of gold, silver or fashioned beads and stones. Sheesha pipes and galebayias, egyptian and bedouin crafts. We will be expanding this section of our web site soon, highlighting some of Dahab's best things to buy and our favorite shops.

Bicycle Hire

Mountain bikes or basic bikes are available for hire by hour, or day, or week. Dahab has traditionally allowed cycling along the whole of the beach promenade. This made Dahab seem like 'Amsterdam by the sea'. However some restrictions have been placed on cycling through the town centre, so now you must make a note of signs you see along the beach promenade and exercise caution. As Dahab is still a small town cycling is a great way to get around and even the main roads are not busy. So without much traffic to worry about its an ideal activity for everyone. Bike hire can be organised on arrival at a number of locations around town.

Horse Trek

There are a number of stables in Dahab offering horse riding by the hour to longer half day treks, full day or over night safaris. This is a lovely way to explore the desert on your own Arabian horse. All equipment is available and riding lessons for beginners can be arranged. More information can be provided on arrival and booking for day or days and times of your choice.

Herbal Medicine

The Bedouin Tribes (as many other tribes) have been using natural ingredients and herbs to cure all manner of conditions for centuries. We can arrange for a consultation with a Bedouin herbal medicine practitioner in St Catherines or investigate your ailments to find suitable herbal remedy solutions or to see if there are Bedouin cures available. Contact us if you require more information or we can provide more information upon arrival.
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