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Backwaters of Trivandrum

Since Thriruvanathapurm is hallowed with famous beaches and shores of Kerala, its backwater offers an exciting tour for any traveler to try a blend of leisure. Lots of cultural and Art heritages are situated in the shores of this backwater.

Major backwater spot in Trivandrum are Thiruvallam, Veli and Akkulam, which are situated in 10 Kms from Thiruvanathapuram town. Thiruvallam backwater is just Six Kms from Thriruvanathapuram and meeting point of Killi and Karamana Rivers. This spot is considered as favorite for travelers since it famed as a great spot for canoe rides and house boat cruises.

Veli is famous for Tourist village situated in shores of Trivandrum backwaters. Sandy strip in this area separates Veli Lake from Arabian Sea. Tourist village in Veli attracts lots of international travelers by its exiting trip through backwaters to reach village and discover the traditions of Kerala. Boating through Veli lagoon is one of the main attractions of backwater in this area.

Akkulam lake is just an extension of veli lake and it is is equally scenic. The boat house Club situated in this area gives you an option to hire boats and find an existing trip through the banks of backwater. Akkulam is situated 10 Kms from Thiruvanathapuram Town.
The Parasurama temple situated on the banks of Karamana River is one among ancient temple. It holds the distinction of the only temple in Kerala devoted to Sage Parasurama, the creator of Kerala.

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