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Bada Bagh, Jaisalmer

Bada Bagh Jaisalmer
Bada Bagh, means 'Big Garden', is situated on the Ramgarh road in Jaisalmer. It was commissioned by Maharawal Jait Singh in the early 16th century and completed by his son Lunakaran after Maharawal passed away.

The site has three different things to visit, a garden, a tank and a dam. In the surrounding area itself you will find Govardhan Stambh (pillar). This pillar was built to honor the construction of the a Dam and the tank. In the local dialect the Dam and the tank are known as Jait Bandh and the Jait Sar respectively. It is believed that these are based on the name of the man who constructed them.

For any tourist to Bada Barhwill be a Worth a trip outside of town to see especially near sunset. If you enjoy photography you will be able to take some nice picture. There is a wind farm in the distance, which did not bother me as it did some. 133 tombs of Raj royalty lie here on a ridge facing the sunset and the dawn. Lovely sandstone carved tombs
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