Baoli at Neemrana

A significant structure in the Neemrana village. Built in 1760s it is a 9 storey underground structure of majestic scale.
It was built by the Rajas of Neemrana for famine relief. Traditionally baoris in Rajasthan have acted as sarai for the travellers. The baori has been neglected for decades. Now under the Rural Tourism project of the Union Govt. structure is being converted into a crafts' haat.

Being only 125kms from Delhi and in close proximity to Neemrana Fort Palace, the tourist traffic can be generated. The project involves restoring many roofs, flooring, plastering & ensuring security through metal gates and kathera's (stone parapets). The steps about 200 in number will also be re-laid.

There is something about the sun-baked terrain of rajasthan that has always fascinated leaving behind the concrete jungle and the crazy urban lifestyle that revolves around it, the majestic feel of royal Rajasthan sinking even though the planned weekend getaway to Neemrana was rather frugal.

The fort offers breathtaking views of the adjoining hills and the town of Neemrana. After a sumptuous lunch, we took another stroll around the fort, checking out the exclusive "Loo with a View: , which added an element of fun to the impressive architecture.
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