Best Beaches To Escape The Winter Blues

Natadola Beach, Fiji
Instead of we telling about Fiji it's time for you to make plans to visit this paradise. It's surprisingly temperate climates makes it a popular holiday destination to think of year around.

Natadola is famously known for its vast bank of white sand which slides across into a cobalt colored sea, and provides a perfect setting for swimming across the beach even with high tides. And it's the next best known location after Hanalei beach of Hawaii where you can find some of the world's best surfers taming the sea.

With its miles of white sand, there is ample space for people who are looking to find some privacy on a holiday. And there is many more things to do in the outdoors like snorkeling in coral reefs, horse riding, or even play a game of tennis or golf with your family or friends.
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