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Bhangarh Fort;The Most Haunted Place in India

The seventh century fort constructed by the King Sawai Madho Singh. The fort is found on the way to Alwar regions and Jaipur on the outskirt of the Sariska Reserve in the Aravali range of hills of Rajasthan. The well preserved Bhangarh fort and its boundaries is considered as most spooky place in India and additionally one of the main 5 most supernaturally inhabited places on the planet as numerous hair raising knowledge is going on in the fort since the beginning.

As indicated by the history, the fort is accounted to be supernaturally inhabited and nobody is permitted to remain in the regions at evening time. According to a legend, two distinctive variant of story has been recorded where one form of the legend is that a sadhu named Baba Balanath existed inside the fort area. It was his order that any houses implied near the fort ought not be taller than his home and in case the shadow of any such house falling on his home would bring destruction of the fort town.

On the others side; there was a dark enchantment magician who reviled the inhabitants of the royal residence that they all would bite the dust in an unnatural demise and their spirits will stay there for forever. The Bhangarh was reviled by a tantrik Singhia, who was in love with the lovely princess Ratnawati of Bhangarh. Singhia added an affection mixture to a dish of oil that place with the princess, yet Singhia's trusts were hastened when Ratnawati haul the vessel on a divider that crumpled and covered Singhia.
A withering Scindia reviled the kingdom of Bhangarh saying that the city would be wiped out overnight, and would never be occupied again, aside from the sanctuaries. Soon after the passing of Singhia, the entire city was sacked and devastated in the Bhangarh-Ajabgarh wars.
Today; the fort truly freaks any living human where one can scarcely discover a temporary family in the nearby fort. It is said to be the world's most haunted spots hence; people are not allowed to spend a night in the fort, for obvious reasons where anyone who has been to this fort after twilight never returns. The fort is further disturbed in the full moon night.

According to the Government of India, Archeological Study, nobody is permitted to stay inside the regions of the fort around evening time. According to the signboard it says that;

1. Entering the fort of Bhangarh before first light and after nightfall is strictly disallowed.

2. Shepherds and woodcutters who enter Bhangarh range will confront legitimate activity.

3.The Kewda or Pandanus trees found in Bhangarh area belong to the Archaeology Survey of India. Is it forbidden to subject this tree to any kind of harm.
Note: Anyone flouting of the rules specified above will confront lawful activity.

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