Top Destinations in Rajasthan

Bhawani natyashala, Jhalawar

Parsi theatre was performed in this building which was established in 1921 the Natyashala is quite unique structure and architectural marvel.
Its uniqueness lies in the fact that its deep stage with its underground construction allows the horses and even the chariots to appear on state.
It is believed to be one of the eight such theaters in the world, it its heyday it was the venue of great plays ranging form Shakuntalam to Shakespeare's classic.

The Bhawani Natya Shala was built by Maharaja Bhawani Singh.This theatre was built for the performance of the plays and other cultural events. It is situated near the Fort and in state times.

It is closed for repairs, however, it is unique for time when it was set up and being in such a remote location away from all major towns.
The visitors are prohibited to go inside Natyalaya.
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