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Buddhist Caves and Stupas, Jhalawar

A number of ancient Buddhist caves have been excavated in the Kolvi village. The village is located at a distance of some 100 kilometres from Jhalawar.
The carved stupas and the colossal figure of Buddha are the main attractions of this place. The existence of a flourishing Buddhist civilization in Jhalawar and nearby areas, centuries ago.

These rock-cut caves, excavated out of the laterite hill, have suffered heavily from natural weathering.
The presence of stupa shaped sanctuaries of novel design. They have besides niches and chaitya arches, square platform with mouldings, both at the base and the top with dome, cylindrical drum and images of Buddha.
Independent stupas also appear with square or octagonal base. The absence of Bodhisattva figures suggests influence of Hinayana here. Some of the caves have either an open or a pillared verandah, providing entrance to a cell or two.

The complex has a singular chaitya-griha which again has a stupa shaped sanctuary inside with a colossal figure of seated Buddha in dhyana-mudra on a moulded pedestal. There is another Buddha in dhyana-mudra inside an arched niche and a standing figure in the lower apartment near the assembly hall. Most of the caves on the north and east have collapsed. However, these remains are of importance for their design and arrangement.
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