Top Destinations in Rajasthan

cave paintings, Bundi

One of the most interesting part of our trip to Rajasthan looking for things to see in the area of Bundi came across Info about Mr Kukki and rock paintings.

The ancient rock paintings are just an hour away from Bundi and we went for a half day trip there these rock paintings which are estimated to be as old as 15000 - 20000 years old.

The rock painting stretches up to 35 km, with its tail at Mandal dam, Bhilwara district and head at Banki village in Garadha area of the district.The painting has images of human beings, animals such as tigers, panthers, antelopes and various antique tools.

It belongs to Mesolithic period that dates back to nearly ten thousand years in Stone Age.
Red, white, black, yellow and rarely applied green are the frequently used colours in the rock paintings.

The rock paintings in this region date back to Chalcolithic period, Neolithic, early historic and historic periods. The rock paintings could perhaps be the World's Longest Rock Painting.
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