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Celebration of Harvest Festival Makar Sankranti on January 15, 2015

Makar Sankranti pongal 2015
The Hindu festival that celebrates all over the country, Makar Sankranti is four days long harvest festival. Dedicated to Lord Sun "Makar Sankranti" marks the evolution of Sun into the Makar Rashi (zodiac sign) as according the Vedic Hindu philosophy, Sun is considered to be the lord of all the planets. Not just that, the festival additionally signifies the spring of India. Makar Sankranti is commended on January 15th, 2015.

Where and How to celebrate Makar Sankranti

During Makar Sankranti all rituals are gestures of prayers to natural resources which make life possible on the Earth. The Sun God is worshipped for giving good harvest and nurturing livestock. The cattle particularly bulls and oxen are adored for their essentialness in fields.

In North India, individuals take heavenly bathe in Ganga on Makar Sankranti day. A large number of crowd visit the Hindu pilgrimage like Haridwar, Banaras and Allahabad to take blessed dunk in Ganga.

Sikh community, in Punjab and Haryana celebrates Lohri one day before Sankranti.

Gujarat, Gujarat, the day is considered exceptionally promising and is committed to Lord Surya. Makar Sankranti is known as Uttarayan. Uttarayan is a significant festival in Gujarat which lasts for two days.

In Tamil Naidu, Makar Sankranti is celebrates as Pongal. Pongal is praised for four days. Yet, the most vital day of Pongal celebration is known as Thai Pongal and it is commended on Makar Sankranti day. Thai Pongal is trailed by Mattu Pongal and Kaanum Pongal. The day preceding Thai Pongal is known as Bhogi.

In Andhra Pradesh, considered as one of the most important day of the state, the Makar Sankranti festival is praised for four days. The day preceding Sankranti is known as Bhogi Pandigai in Andhra Pradesh. However, Sankranti day is known as Pedda Panduga followed by Kanuma Panduga and Mukkanuma.

In Kerala, Makar Sankranti is Makaravilakku. In this say, devotee from all over the world acclaimed Sabarimala Ayyappa temple to observe Sankranti and during night time, the temple is adorned by lighting Makaravilakku. A large number of aficionados hold up for Makaravilakku as it symbolizes heavenly lighting at Sabarimala Hills.
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