Chandrabhaga Beach Odisha

Chandrabhaga is situated around 3 kms from konark and 30 kms from Puri. It is famous for its beach and beautiful sunrise. It is thronged by tourists all round the year. The legacy of chandrabhaga is stretched across many centuries.

chandrabhaga Beach
It is believed that the sun god himself fell in love with a beautiful daughter of a sage, chandrabhaga. Chandrabhaga then didn't surrender to the sun god and ran for her chastity. She then jumped into the nearby river to save herself. Hence forth the river was named as Chandrabhaga. From then onwards, the 7th day of the full moon of Magha month is marked as a tribute to her sacrifice, is thronged by many visitors from all around the country to take dip in the river which is now reduced to a shallow pool.In another mythology Lord Krishna's son (Shamba) got rid of his leprosy when he offered prayer to the sun god near the Chandrabhaga River.

Whatsoever may be cause of its mythology the river and the beach are inspiration to many poets and writers. It is still believed to have some meditative properties as one can find solace and peace in this holy land. The sunrise is said to have cleansing effect and it purifies the mind and the Soul.

Besides all this it is also a very nice picnic spot and is considered as one of the best beaches of Odisha. During the annual konark festival the beach is very crowded and tourists flock to see the sunrise and watch the red hot glowing sun rise from its watery abode

It is easily accessible as its just 3kms from konark and falls in route to puri via the Marine drive. Bus services are frequent and are present every half an hour.
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