Charar-i-Sharief is considered one of the most sacrosanct Muslim shrines in India. The tomb of Sheikh Noor-ud-Din Noorani (RA), popularly known as Alamdar-e-Kashmir (flag-bearer of Kashmir), is situated 28 km in the southwest of Srinagar at Charar-i-Sharief.It has an average elevation of 1,933 metres (6,345 feet).The town is divided into 10 Wards.Each ward has a municipal councillor.The famous mohallas of Charar-i-Sharief are: Talab-e-Kalan or Bada Talab, Trajibal,coat road, Gulshanabad, Nowhar, Jabl-e-Noor, Wazabagh, alamdar colony, zaloosa etc.

The place has been destroyed twice, once when a battle took place between the Indian and the Pakistani Army. However, after the battle, the shrine was reconstructed on the architectural lines of central Asian architecture. Again it was destroyed in 1995, when Islamic militants destroyed a major part in a fire.

Each year, thousands of tourists and devotees visit this place to have blessings of almighty Allah. It s now known from history that this shrine is originally constructed for the Sufi saint of that time, Sheikh Noor-ud-Din Noorani, especially to commemorate him.The tomb lies nearby the shrine. This is a must visit place for many reasons. Apart from the religious and historical reasons of the great Sufi saint, there is another reason. Charar-I-Sharief is now a safe place to visit as Indian army has taken control of the complete region.Staying in lodges and eating in restaurants can provide hassle-free traveling experience. Tourists can capture this beautiful shrine and can experience the holy atmosphere under a lovely weather.
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