Check the Earth's Most Unbelievable Extremes

Earth can be considered as a relatively moderate planet when it comes to its climate and geography, but still there are a lot of places in our own world that have the capacity to surprise you with unbelievable extremities. It might be the coldest place on earth or the hottest place on this planet, here is an exciting journey for you to enjoy by having a look at all the exciting facts on earth's most unbelievable extremes, given by David Pegg on 'List 25' website.

1.Hottest Inhabited Place- Dallol, Ethiopia:

According to the Discovery News website, Dallol that lies in the northeastern part of Ethiopia that is very close to the disputed Eritrean border, has an average daily temperature of 34.4 Degree Celsius, that means with an average year-round temperature of 94 Degree Fahrenheit. The daily heat in this region is also known as Danakil Depression. This city is also called as the mining ghost town.
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