Top Destinations in Goa

Church of Holy Spirit

Modern Margao is South Goa's commercial hub and has grown from a small market town into one of Goa's largest cities.

Here one finds a mix of everything modern and traditional, from bullock carts to the latest in automotive design.

The Church of the Holy sprit was first constructed in 1564 by the Jesuit missionaries. It was destroyed following the Muslim invasion of the Salcette in 1571, and construction was begun again only after the area had been firmly secured and funds raised.

The Church of the Holy Spirit celebrates its Feast Day sometime in the final weeks of May, and in additional to a high mass on Sunday, an outdoor fest [fair] continues for the next five or six days.

Scheduled prior to the onset of the rains, people come from all over Goa to buy their provisions of dry fish, household items, spices, furniture, and many other products. As customary at any feast, an abundance of bright - orange 'sweet-meet' stalls line the streets hoping to attract those with a sweet-tooth. This feast is the last major festival prior to the onset Monsoons and is famous throughout Goa.
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