Coorg, The Scotland of India

Scotland of India
Situated at a height of 1,525 metres Coorg is well known as Scotland of india, Madikeri or Mercara is the capital of Coorg, with a nice bazaar, quaint houses with red-roofs and liberal use of teakwood reapers for doors and furniture, so common among homes and clubhouses in Indian hill station.Like Scotland, Coorg is mountainous,misty and cool. The highlands and the vast meadows in the valleys looks identical in both the places.On the cultural fronts there were far more similarities between the two. Both the Coorgs and the Scots were clan based societies. The clans were at loggerheads for superiority. For both martial traditions were a necessity of the times and part of life. Arms were integral part of the costume. So was the passion for rougher sports.

The Coorgs, like the Scots are divided into clans. There the Stuart and the MacLeary, here the Pattamada and the Kambiranda. The clans warred constantly in both lands, in the early days, fortunately clan memories are short and today there is complete peace.Both the Scots and the Coorgs had, actually still have, a distinctive dress. Though worn on ceremonial occasions today - the knee length kilt and the knee length kupya, were designed for quick movement in wet, grassy hills.
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