Top Destinations in Rajasthan

Desert Cultural Centre & Museum

This interesting little museum tells the history of Rajasthan's princely states and has exhibits on traditional Rajasthani culture.
Features include Rajasthani music, textiles and a phad scroll painting depicting the story of the Rajasthani folk hero Pabuji, used by travelling singers as they recite Pabuji's epic exploits.

It also hosts nightly half-hour puppet shows with English commentary. The ticket includes admission to the Jaisalmer Folklore Museum.

Desert cultural center and museum is a place where you will get to know about the rich cultural heritage and customs of Jaisalmer, a popular destination in Rajasthan. So if you are short on time and cannot mug up in library, this is the place to be. The place is well maintained and harbors rare coins and manuscript related to Jaisalmer history and the history of Rajasthan in whole.

Desert Cultural Centre & Museum is one thing that is very popular among foreigners is 'Karal', the traditional opium mixing box. The place regularly organizes showcase programs for tourists. Try to get there before the mentioned time in order to avoid rush.
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