Diggi Palace Pink City Jaipur Tours And Travel Guide

Set in the heart of the pink city Jaipur, Hotel Diggi Palace captures the essence of the Rajasthani culture within its folds. From the sunny courtyards to the open air verandahs, from the spacious rooms to the beautifully manicured gardens, everything about this palace seems to speak of a history of royalty and grandeur. Indeed this converted haveli, built all the way back in 1860's, appears to be a place where time stands still. Paradoxically, only five minutes away from this majestic landmark is the hustling, vibrant Old Walled City of Jaipur.

Hotel Diggi Palace is indeed the epitome of contradictions. Tradition and contemporary come together and hold hands in this Palace owned by the Thakurs of Diggi (who occupy the main house till date). On the one hand you will find all those things that Rajasthan is best known for: delicious food, cultural events and festivals, horse riding facilities and royal dinners organized to give you a feel of the bygone era of the kings and queens. On the other hand, facilities like Swimming Pool, luxurious AC rooms, Internet Access, Money Exchange, an In-House Travel Agency, Gym, Ayurvedic Massage, Yoga, and availability of Safari's ensure that you are completely relaxed and well taken care of.
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