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Dolphin Bay, Dubai

Wade into crystal-clear waters and come face-to-face with a playful group of dolphins, or take a swim with these remarkable creatures in the deeper lagoon. Choose from 2 up-close experiences at the world's largest coastal dolphin habitat with the beautiful backdrop of the Atlantis, The Palm resort.

The unforgettable shallow-water dolphin interaction when you wade into waist-high, crystal-clear waters and enter the intriguing and playful world of dolphins.
Watch as they swim and show off some of their favourite skills, then come truly close to them and touch, hug, kiss or even play ball with your new dolphin friend.
This up-close experience is appropriate for all ages and is especially suitable for non-swimmers.
Dolphin Adventure
Join dolphins in the deeper lagoon waters for a one-of-a-kind experience. Make your way to the centre of the lagoon alongside a dolphin. Then take a thrilling signature belly ride back to the shore. Go for a spin as a dolphin pushes your hand and thank your new friend with deep-water hugs and kisses.
Included in your dolphin experience is access to the nearby Aquaventure, the Middle East and Europe's No.1 water park. Here you can enjoy top-class thrills on the many waterslides or relax in the lazy river or on the private beach.
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