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Duduma Waterfall Koraput

Duduma Waterfall Koraput. Machkund is an important place for pilgrimage. A beautiful township called 'Onukudelli' has grown around this lovely place. It is situated 88 kms away from Koraput.

The majestic waterfall, also known as Matsya Tirtha falls from a height of 175 meters. A hydro electric project with its winch developed amidst deep greenery is a place for pleasure.Three KMs away from Duduma waterfall, a small village of Ankadeli draws the attention of foreign tourists to its weekly markets on Thursdays where the most primitive tribe the Bondas, come from the remote, inaccessible dense forest.Jolaput is known for its newly constructed dam reservoir. The lake formed by the dam is 68.2 Sq. Kms. Its a picnic spot, 88 Kms from Koraput.

It is 165 Mts. from Visakhapatnam on the river Machkund are the biggest water falls of Andhra Pradesh. The water is diverted into the Machkund reservoir and the over flow subsequently run throught a caryon. The Dumduma Falls on the River Machhakunda is one of the most popular tourist spot in Orissa. The Dumduma Falls is also known as the Matsya Tirtha and it is the site of the famous Machhakund Hydro-Electric Project. The Dumduma Falls in the Eastern Ghats drops from a height of about 157 meters and is categorized as a horsetail falls.

Investigation and research on the Dumduma Falls began in the year 1941 when the plan for generating hydro-electric power was chalked out. It was around the year 1946, that the scheme was implemented. 104cfs are drawn from the Dumduma hydro electrical plant which hints at the fact that that this waterfall in Orissa is still very active.

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