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Ezhimala Hillstation Kannur

The term Ezhimala is formed from two Malayalam words 'ezhu' and 'mala' which mean seven and mountains respectively. Thus, the term ezhumala denotes and stands for the seven peaks. Ezhimala hill station is about 286 m. above sea level.
Ezhimala is, being the former capital of the ancient Mushika dynasty, a place of historical importance. Additionally the site was a major port around which trade got flourished in the Common Era. Many wars between Chola and Chera dynasties were fought at this location in the 11th century.
Besides being a top tourist destination and a historical place, Ezhimala is a pilgrim center too. Lord Buddha is believed (by some) to have visited the site. However its religious color is mainly with Ezhimala hills' relation with the Ramayana and very much to the story of Sri Hanuman uprooting the Himalaya mountain in search of Mritha Sanjivani and other medicines in order to bring back those dead including Lakshman, back to life.
The seven peaks at Ezhimala hill station is believed to be fallen off from the mountain while Lord Hanuman was carrying it over Ezhimala. Thus the people believe that these peaks to have those precious ayurvedic herbs.
As you go up the hill station through the zig-zagged road you can still see many kinds of ayurvedic herbs standing on the both sides of the road. You will see ruins of a Muslim mosque. It is believed to be the house of Shaikh Abdul Latheef, a Muslim reformist.
The hill that protrudes into the Arabian sea, green valleys abutting with the beach, winding roads, etc. will capture your mind for a long time. You will really enjoy your visit to this hill station and Ezhimala beach. So you can return from Ezhimala with lots of ever memorable scenes in mind.
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