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Facts That Make Mysore Palace the Best Destination for Dussehra

The former throne of the Wodeyar maharajas, Mysore Palace is one of the most majestic and grandest buildings in the nation. The royal palace was razed down by fire in 1897 and was refurbished by English architect Henry Irwin in 1912 on commission by the royal family. Today, this palace contributes immensely to the heritage, culture and grandeur of Mysore the royal city of palaces.

This palace is a striking beauty that lights up your eyes with awe-inspiring and palatial built. The festival of Dussehra is one of the biggest celebrations in the city when visitors from across the world come to Mysore to indulge in the royal festivity. However, most of them are unaware about the hidden facts behind imperial palace. Here are some interesting facts you should know about Mysore Palace before heading here for Dussehra.

1.The Palace Was Originally Built of Wood

The original palace of the Wodeyar kings was made out of wood and was gutted by fire in the 1897 on the wedding occasion of Jayalakshammanni, the eldest daughter of Chamaraja Wodeyar. The royal family then commissioned the English architect Henry Irwin to refurbish the devastated property in 1912. The cost of rebuilding this massive palace was 42 lakh. This Indo-Saracenic marvel is infused with an exceptional blend of different styles of architecture. One can gauge the real majestic and lavish value of the palace from the multi colored stained glass with peacock motifs, mirrors and gaudy colors, sophisticated and highly structured chandeliers and huge wrought iron pillars imported from Scotland and Czechoslovakia and imported mosaic floor, walls adoring old paintings and depicting Dussehra festival celebrations in that era.

2.The Palace Is Also a Museum

The palace still displays the valuable remains of the Wodeyars and visitors adore their souvenirs, paintings, jewelry, royal costumes, and other items. The palace is exquisitely designed and the luxury infused with in lures. The guests can come across royal costumes, instruments, toys, portraits displayed in the courtyard. The museum also exhibits extensive collection of weapons from the bygone era. The art work on the gates, windows, ceiling and floor leaves one awe-struck with the detailed work and exquisite carvings.

3.The Royal Throne & 12 Hindu Temples

If you visit the palace during Dussehra you would also get to see the royal seat or the Chinnada Simhasana or Ratna Simahasana of the Wodeyars which is constructed with intricate and detailed fine work of gold plates an amazing view. This royal seat was the throne of the Maharajas of Mysore from where they you to address their visitors while holding durbars in the Palace Durbar Hall. This astounding edifice also displays paintings of different forms of deity Durga - the symbol of strength and also the original artwork form the renowned artist Raja Ravi Verma. The palace is also home to twelve Hindu temples. The oldest of these temples was constructed back in the 14th century.

4.The Venue For The Famous Mysore Dussehra Festival

The palace is brightly lit up and luxuriously decorated on the occasion of Dussehra - the biggest festival celebrated in the city. The royal family, visitors from across the world and special guests honor the place with their presence. The Jamboo Savari, the royal Dussehra procession, hits the streets in Mysore which is led by priests carrying the idol of the Goddess Chamundeshwari in a golden howdah on a decorated elephant. The procession includes many decorated elephants, fun, vibrant colors, dance, music, horses, camels and much more.
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