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Forts in Goa
"Forts in Goa"

Compared to Indian standards, Goan forts are very small in size. Nonetheless, these are historic specimen of immense military, political and economic importance in a land crisscrossed by rivers and canals and bordered by sea on the west. The old monuments, now in ruins are mute testimony to the joys and sorrows, and colourful and dark events of a bygone era.

Some are awesome in sheer size like the Ruins of the St. Augustine's Tower, while others are marvellous pieces of architecture, such as the Gate of the Adil Shah's Palace at Old Goa.

There are quite a few old Portuguese forts dotted around Goa, most of them on the coast. Most of them are in reasonable state of preservation and are worth a visit if you have the time.

Goa has several imposing forts, though most of them lie in ruins today. One marvels at the massive effort which was involved when the huge laterite stones were lifted to the top of inaccessible hills, to erect the forts.

Sans cement, steel or mortar, the giant walls have stood the vagaries of nature for centuries, and would have gone on to last for several centuries more were they to be looked after properly.

The Portuguese found the need to raise the fortresses at several strategic points facing the river mouths to defend their new acquisitions in the East. Of course, they also acquired forts built by the neighbouring chieftains, when the latter's lands were annexed by the Conquistadores. However, once the defence priorities receded, the forts too were abandoned by the Portuguese.

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Aguada Fort-

Located at a distance of around 18 kilometers from Panaji, the Aguada fort is a striking picture of beauty and magnitude. It was built in the 16th century by the Portuguese and a part of it has now been converted into a luxury beach resort. The fort was named Aguada which means water in Portuguese because of the presence of three freshwater springs inside. The Aguada fort also houses a central jail within its premises.

Chapora Fort

22 km's. from Panaji. The fort is made of red laterite and was built by the Portuguese in 1617, on the site of an earlier Muslim structure (the name Chapora is the corruption of the word "Shahapura" or "Town of the Shah"). Since it was basically built as a border watch post, it was later deserted by the Portuguese in 1892, as the borders of its empire extended farther north (known as New Conquests). The massive ramparts and scattered Muslim tombstones are all that is left of this fort. One can still see the heads of the two tunnels, that formerly provided the supply routes for the besieged defenders.

Cabo da Rama Fort

Situated on the southern coast of Goa, this fort has been under the regime of various rulers until the Portuguese took it over from the Raja of Sonda in 1763. After taking charge of the fort, the Portuguese rebuilt it but did not put it to much use thereafter. It came under the British rule from 1797 to 1802 and then again from 1803 to 1813. After that, not much attention was paid to the fort. The remains of the fort were then used as a prison until 1955.

Though the church within the fort is still in use, there is little of the fort that remains to be seen today. However, the view from the headland is breathtaking.Legend has it that the fort has derived its name from Lord Rama who remained here for a while when he was in exile, along with his wife, Sita.


Often mis-spelt as tirakol or tirakhol, Situated on the Terekhol River, this fort lies on the northern tip of Goa. Maharaja Khem Sawant Bhonsle built this fort in the 17th century. It was then rebuilt in 1764 after the Portuguese Viceroy Dom Pedro Miguel de Almeida captured it. However, Terekhol was legally incorporated into Goa only in 1788.
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