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Ganga Golden Jubilee Museum, Bikaner

Ganga Golden Jubilee Museum
Ganga Golden Jubilee Museum formally known as Ganga Government Museum is located in Bikaner. Museum was innugrated on the Golden Jubilee Celebrations of Maharaja Ganga Singh in 1937, the museum is a store of various of the most amazing collections of artwork, history and sculptures.

The museum is situated in the Lalgarh palace and separated into several segments thus dividing the available artifacts as per their hierarchy and historical significance. Sculptures from Harappan ages, Rajasthani war weaponry and Litho prints of British Empire are a few other magnetism.

Museum also contains one of the richest collections of Terracotta ware, weapons, miniature paintings of Bikaner school and coins. The displays are splendid master pieces of Harappan civilisation, Gupta and Kushan era and sculptures of the late classical time.
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