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Goa Adventure Sports

Goa Adventure Sports-

The exhilarating combination of miles and miles of spectacular sandy beaches and the wide and extensive rivers and scenic lakes truly makes Goa a holidaymaker's paradise.
Besides, Goa is a perfect celestial home for the wanderlust traveler, an ideal destination for adventure enthusiasts. Naturally, the fabulous beaches, beautiful rivers and lakes in Goa offer excellent options for a wide range of Adventure Sports in Goa.

Adventure Sports in Goa are among the most favored activities of tourists visiting the magical land. Adventure Sports are an excellent way to break away from the daily grind and enjoy complete relaxation and rejuvenation.
There are so many options for adventure in Goa that you can explore and have a unique experience each day of your holiday, and that too loaded with adventure.

Goa Adventure Sports

With an extensive coastline dotted with beaches, Water Sports is the most popular among Adventure Sports in Goa. Nevertheless, it's not just the water but also the land of Goa for you to explore, go hiking, trekking or river cruising in Goa and discover the untouched terrains of the land. Apart from water and land activities, there are plenty of other options for Adventure Sports in Goa like dolphin and crocodile spotting, island trips, etc.

Goa has become a hub for adventure activities. If you are an adventure sports buff, then Goa is the perfect destination in India for you. Adventure Sports in Goa beckons adventure lovers to indulge in the extraordinary activities and challenges that they are likely to confront while embarking on such sojourns.

All you need to do is select which Adventure Sports in Goa you want to indulge in. No special training is required for most of the sports. Even age is not a bar, as you need only a reasonable level of fitness in order to engage in these activities. Equipment, training and instructors are available. And to top it all, you can enjoy Adventure Sports in Goa at a fraction of what they would cost elsewhere in the world.

Shed all your inhibitions and make the most of the exciting opportunities offered by Adventure Sports in Goa, India.


Blessed with plenty of beaches, Goa is the ideal place to try out fishing. Imagine the pride and the winning smile on your face when you come back holding a couple of fishes and proclaiming it as your prized catch! Sounds like fun? You guessed it right.

2. Jet Skiing

One of the most adventurous water sports in Goa is Jet Skiing. The sport is one of the most popular in Goa and many tourists try this sport to set their adrenalin rushing. Jet skiing requires a jet powered water scooter that are accelerated by a powerful engine. The Jet Ski equipment in Goa has a power of 100-135 horsepower.

3. Parasailing

Parasailing is a much sought after sport in Goa. People who love to soar high like a bird and have a bird's eye view of the coastline and the vast sea should try the parasailing sport. Para sailing is also known by the name of Para Ascending and is sure to set your pulses racing when you try it.

4. Scuba Diving

For those who are seeking excitement and fun in Goa and want to do something different can try out scuba diving. The shallow shores of Goa are famous for their rich marine life. Though there are no gigantic coral reefs here, the scintillating underwater life is sure to fascinate you.

5. Water Skiing

For those who love to feel the ocean waves splashing across their face while rushing through water, the water skiing sport is just the right option for you. In Goa, you can experience a sense of adventure and thrill by trying out the water skiing sport. With plenty of beaches and more or less calm seas, there shouldn't be a reason as to why you should no try water skiing here.

6. Wind Surfing

Wind surfing is a very popular sport of Goa and must be tried when you visit this place. A unique combination of sailing and surfing, wind surfing sport is a sport that is sure to set your pulses racing. It can indeed be an elating experience for a person who has learnt the perfect nuances of this water sport.

7. Dinghy Sailing

Dinghy sailing is a popular water sport in Goa. It is almost like wind surfing sport, but it does not require as much efforts as is required in wind surfing. The dinghies are usually 15 feet in length and can accommodate 3 people. The best months to try this sport are from October to April.
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