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Guru Shikhar, Mount Abu

Guru Shikhar, Mount Abu
Guru Shikhar considered as the highest point in Rajasthan, Situated at a distance of 15 km from Mount Abu.Guru Shikhar is located at a height of 1722 meters. Travelers can enjoy a sightseeing of the entire Aravalli range of mountains, from the top of this mountain peak.

Temple of Dattatreya is one of the major attraction at Guru Shikhar peak with its natural beauty. Dattatreya is known to be the incarnation of Lord Vishnu based on Hindu mythology . A huge bell suspended from a wooden frame having an incription of 1411 AD can be seen at the entrance of the temple.

At the peak just a little to the north-west of Guru Shikhar, you can find the shrine dedicated to Ahilya, who is the mother of Dattatreya. Adjacent to the temple is the Mt Abu Observatory operated by the Physical Research Laboratory. This observatory hosts a 1.2m infrared telescope and also several Astronomy experiments.
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