Top Destinations in Gujarat


The Hajira is one of the prime Surat tourist attractions and is a popular hangout for the tourists and the local people alike. The beach is situated at a distance of 28 kilometers from the city of Surat in the Indian state of Gujarat. The shallow water of the beach is a proposed site for an all weather cargo port in the state of Gujarat.

The spectacular sea beach of Hajira is located near the city and is popularly visited by the local people on the weekends. The beach overlooks the crystal blue waters of the Arabian Sea. The warm sand and shingles of the beach attract tourists who can bask under the blazing heat of the sun. The holiday resorts situated close to the beach present a magnificent view of the sea. The tourists may enjoy a comfortable stay by the beach in Hajira. The beach is bordered with a wooded line of casurina trees that casts an enticing and mesmerizing spell on the visitors.

The beach is embellished with the fragments of shells of various shapes and sizes. Children enjoy gathering shell fragment from the beach in Hajira.

The Hajira in Surat has been declared as the health resort. The region has two wells dug deep into the ground that are rich and laden with sulfur and iron deposits that are beneficial for the people. The sea weather and the fresh breeze also facilitate the sick.

Located by the creek of the Arabian Sea, the Hajira is a popular tourist destination in Surat.
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