Hanging Gardens Mumbai

Hanging Gardens Mumbai
Hanging Gardens is a popular tourist destination situated in Mumbai. This terraced garden was built in 1880 and later renovated in 1921. The Hanging Gardens is dedicated to its barrister Pherozeshah Mehta, which is why these gardens are also known as Pherozeshah Mehta Garden. This renowned garden located on the Malabar Hills is known for its splendid green vegetation and animal shaped hedges, which is an interesting sight for anyone who visits this spot. Adding to the garden's beauty is the comforting view of the vast Arabian Sea.The Gardens are officially named Ferozeshah Mehta Gardens, in honour of a famous lawyer and politician. I'm afraid I cannot now recall more about this man - about whom our guide was unusually, refreshingly outspoken (on all topics), but had the feeling she thought he was a colonial lackey because he had accepted a Knighthood.

Built on a water reservoir, the Hanging Gardens covers a vast area, which is chockfull with green bushes, trees and animal-shaped topiaries. The striking flower, clock situated in the center of the garden, serves as the main attraction for all tourists. The garden is maintained perfectly. The 'Old woman's shoe' or the 'Boot House' is completely made from stone, which is also a very interesting feature and a favourite among children.Hanging Gardens is the perfect place for early morning jogs and yoga as the air is clean and fresh.Hanging Gardens is the perfect place for early morning jogs and yoga as the air is clean and fresh.

A lot has changed since then, Hanging Gardens or Ferozeshah Mehta Gardens Gardens is much more cleaner and well-maintained with variety of colorful flowers growing in the park. I was amazed looking at the vibrant colors, there were some plants which I had never seen before. Hanging Garden is quite huge, although Malad Mindspace Garden is bigger than this, and is a popular attraction among tourists and people from outside Mumbai.

How To Reach

By Road: Hanging Gardens is well-connected by roads therefore reaching here will be no problem for anyone. One can take the Walkeshwar Road and Ridge Road from Marine Drive to reach the gardens.
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