Hogenakkal: The Niagara of India

Hogenakkal is well know as The Niagara of India. .It gets its name from Kannada words, 'Hoge' meaning 'Smoke' and 'kal' meaning 'rocks' and hence the term Hogenakkal meaning 'Smoky Rocks'. A smoky appearance on the rock is created by the water plummeting forcefull. The sound of the gushing Cauvery, freshly caught fish which can be fried in one of the many kitchens by the river, the expert masseuse's rejuvenating oil massage using local herbs, special oils and ancient knowledge of massage pints handed from generation to generation, all make Hogenakkal an interesting experience.

Freshly caught fish are sold by the gorge and also various vendors selling water and snacks up and down the gorge rowing their parisals is not uncommon.During this time the river is in full spade and tourists can experience the beauty of the waterfalls. Also, the weather is quite pleasant during this time with moderate and comfortable temperatures. However, many tourists also prefer to visit the place during the off-season as well. Boating is allowed only during the dry season during which time the water falls are not strong enough to disturb the boats.

Best Season to visit Hogenakkal is Aug to December
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