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India's Largest Cattle Festival

Considered as an Asia's Largest Cattle Fair, the Sonepur Cattle Fair is held in the heavenly stream Ganges and Gandak at Sonepur. A residential community arranged on the bank of River Gandak near Patna in Bihar. Well known famous largest cattle fair in India is also known as "The Sonepur Mela".

The biggest cattle fair of Asia held annually on Kartik Poornima in the month of November. It's the fair for the trade of animals such as Cattle, donkeys, horses, camels, birds, goats and elephants. Haathi Bazaar is the significant fascination of Sonepur Mela; various elephants are wonderfully adorned with are beautifully decorated for the purpose of sale. The important festival of Bihar Sonepur Cattle Fair brings live to the Saran region of Bihar with fervor and liveliness.

The festival is also known as Harihar Kshetra Mela, this annual celebration attracts tourist from all over Asia and offers the visitors the opportunity to enjoy the sights, sounds & shopping in a unique way. Till date, it is the greatest cattle Fair of Asia and extends on from fifteen days to one month

When: Auspicious Hindu month of Kartik.

Origin: Aged times when Ruler. Chandragupta Maurya used to purchase elephants and horses.

Temperature: Summer: 40-30C
Winter: 20C -10 C

Best Season: October to March.

Clothing: Light cotton in summer and woolen in winter.

Languages spoken: Hindi and English.

Sonepur Fair Holy Bath: The Ganges and Gandak rivers meet, to purify themselves and wash away any negativity.

Holy bath Time: At around 5 am.

Area and Facilities: The Sonepur Fair happens in Sonepur, 25 kilometers north of capital city Patna. Bihar Tourism gives housing at the reasonable as characterful woven straw cottages with joined western bathrooms for 4,000 rupees for every night.

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