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Interesting facts about New Mumbai Airport Terminal

T2 New Mumbai Airport Terminal
T2 New Mumbai Airport Terminal

The world class international airport terminal in Mumbai is built at a cost of around 12500 crores. Based on development authorities analysis estimated travelers are around 40 million passengers every year.

This terminal is going to open for passengers by February 12. The four storey glass marvel, whose design is inspired by a dancing peacock.
The dancing peacock themed facility's peacock feather styled roof leaves one fascinated with special diachronic lights that shift with the changing direction of the sun reflecting an array of colours on top of the check in halls floor.

For those who hassle about travelling to the domestic Sahar airport for linking flights, a six lane elevated expressway is contracted. A multi level car park has also been built to accommodate 5,000 vehicles. T2 will typically cater to international traffic while a few domestic airlines are expected to move operations there later.

The new terminal will have around 2300 CCTV cameras for travelers safety and 4100 public address speakers to control all around terminal.The X-shaped terminal also possess of a three kilometer long art walk which slot in Indian aesthetics with a white peacock theme. Titled Jaya He it offers a sight keen on Indias rich inheritance and is an exceptional interdisciplinary display place for the nation's cultural and creative industries.

T2 New Mumbai Airport Terminal

Terminal has 7 lakh square feet of space for retail marketers, lounges and other travel services. Shiny granite has been used is 1.85 lakh sq m, large enough to accommodate 25 football pitches.

The erection of T2 is the first major infrastructure refresh at the cities airport in three decades and it may help it to regain some of the airport business it had lost to Delhi and other cities in the last few years. Speaking at the inauguration, the Prime Minister said that the success of T2 should give a boost to other airport projects that have been structured on private-public partnerships.We plan to develop and operationalise 50 more airports across the country in Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities, Singh said.
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1: so, judging from the image, only westeners travel through Mumbai?
Posted by: Fanny - 13 Mar, 2014