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Jaipur Zoo, Jaipur

Jaipur Zoo, Rajasthan
The Zoo was unlocked in 1877 and is situated within Ram Niwas Garden at Jaipur.. The main objective of the zoo is to complement the national effort in conservation of wild life. Eminent as the best crocodile-breeding center in India, the zoological park is a hub of exotic varieties of flora and Fauna.

Nearly 71 species of different birds and animals from all over the World can be seen in Jaipur Zoo.It is divided into two parts: one for mammals and other for birds and reptiles. The Zoo is open to public every day apart from Tuesday.The zoo also has a divided part where you can see a variety of migratory birds, depending on the season of your visit.. The Jaipur Zoo has been constituted under the Wild Life (Protection) Act. Zoo is a complete treat for kids and adults too.
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