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Jamnagar , Gujrat

Jamnagar Gujrat
Jam Rawalji built Jamnagar in around A.D. 1519. Prior to Independence, Jamnagar was capital of the Nawanagar princely state. City Lake full of 75 varities of Birds, Islands full of sea shells, corals, birds, octopus, Unspoilt Beaches, both white and golden sands. Today, Jamnagar is quite a boom town, with the world’s biggest oil refinery, belonging to Reliance Petroleum, and not far west of the city. This region, being situated under the impact of the winds flowing from the Arabian Sea and the Gulf of Kutch has temperature of lower level. Jamnagar was established on the banks to the river Nagmati and Rangmati.

Major Tourist places in Jamnagar:

Positra Beach: Positra Beach is in fact a lagoon which emerges to look like a fable beach and tourists would be greeted by the serene waters of this place, brushing against the beautiful sloping beaches. However, the beach also contains some rocky patches in certain areas and is prohibited by the Forest Department. Tourists must obtain the authorization of this organization prior to visiting the beach. If one takes a short trek from this area, he would come close to Sunrise Point, which is a lovely place filled with rocks.
Darbargadh Poshina: The rulers of Poshina were offspring of the Chalukyas, who ruled much of Gujarat and Central India in the 12th century. The Darbargadh was once the pride of the Chalukya dynasty. This palace has huge gateways, a massive auditorium, numerous pillars and arches.

The Bala Hanuman Temple
The Bala Hanuman Temple is situated on the South-Eastern part of Ranmal Lake. Evenings are the best time to visit the temple, as regular prayers take hues of a mesmerising ritual with evening aarti.You can visit the temple to be witness to their prolonged act of religious devotion and even join in if you wish to contribute to the effort, especially at night, during the more difficult sessions.

Kotha Bastion
Kotha Bastion has an amazing collection of copper plates, sculptures, inscriptions and the coins. It is famous for an old well from which water can be drawn out by simply blowing air in a hole.Kotha Bastion was previously the capital of the princely state of Nawanagar. The tower and turrets surrounding the structure was also used by soldiers to store their arsenal and was a heavily fortified structure.
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