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Jogi Mahal, Ranthambhore

Jogi Mahal forest department rest house where travelers use to take rest after a long days exploration. The adjoining Padam Talab is another attraction of the place that leaves travellers amazed by its serene beauty. Next to the Jogi Mahal is an ancient banyan tree, the second largest banyan tree in India.

Visitors fascinated in adventurous activities can take journey to Nal Ghati, Bakaula Anantpur and Lahpurand. Photographers can also capture beautiful view of Padam Talab and various species coming to the lake for drinking water. Tourists are not allowed to stay in the Jogi Mahal but can visit it. Travelers to Jogi Mahal can enjoy very rich in wildlife – peacocks, chital and sambhar etc in surrounding. The large lovely lake called the Padam Talao, is dotted with white and pink water lilies, and rests in front of the palace.
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