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Kerala Science and Technology Museum

Kerala Science and Technology Museum
Kerala Science and Technology Museum was established in the year 1984. Located in Thiruvananthapuram/Trivandrum, the capital city of Kerala, the museum is run by an autonomous body, which was setup by the Government of Kerala. The museum remains a dynamic medium for the spread of science and technology in Kerala. Kerala Science and Technology Museum also remains a pioneer in inculcating the sense of curiosity and scientific disposition among the young generation in the state.

The Government of Kerala always wanted a body which could organize fairs and scientific exhibitions. They got the answers to their questions in the form of Kerala Science and Technology Museum. The museum also undertakes the responsibility of managing science educational programmes through TV, Radio and other media of communication. The museum is also responsible for organizing demonstrations and lectures, which includes the interactions with media and public too.

Kerala Science and Technology Museum is visited by people of all ages and interest, as this is a place of study as well as a recreational center. Here, children can have some creative fun, while the adults interested in science and technology can also enjoy their time here by learning new things. When the project was started, the measurements of the place came down to 5 acres of land at the mid of the capital city of the state of Kerala. The museum compound was set up in 1984 with just a few sections, namely Electricity, Electronics, Power & Motion and Mechanics, with approximately 300 exhibits. A number of galleries like Popular Science, Mathematics, Automobile and Biomedical Engineering were added to the museum with time.

Kerala Science and Technology Museum also holds a planetarium called the ‘Priyadarshini Planetarium’. The planetarium was made functional in the year 1994. Further developments took place, which gave rise to a Children's Science Park and Mobile Science Exhibition unit. Later, other galleries were added too to this place, including Computer Gallery and Solar Energy Gallery. Kerala Science and Technology Museum premise also contains a Play Park with thirteen playing devices which aid learning while playing. This park was opened in the year 2005. Energy Park, 3D Theatre, Digital Weighing Machine, Edusat Talk Back Terminal, and Energy Ball etc are hot favorites of the crowd visiting Kerala Science and Technology Museum.
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