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Khajuraho Temples,Madhya Pradesh

Khajuraho the mounments of khajuraho is located in madhay pradesh.It is one of the most popular tourisam place in India.Khajuraho has the largest group of medieval , Hindu and Jain temples.
Khajuraho Temples are one of the best temples among the most beautiful medieval monuments in the country. These temples were built by the Chandella ruler. It was the golden period of Chandella rulers. It is presumed that it was every Chandella ruler has built atleast one temple in his lifetime. So all Khajuraho Temples are not constructed by any single Chandella ruler but Temple
building was a tradition of Chandella rulers and followed by almost all rulers of Chandella dynasty.

After fall of Chandella dynasty , Khajuraho Temples suffered destruction & disfigurement by muslim invaders in this area which forced local people to leave Khajuraho. As muslim invaders had a ruling policy of intolerance for worship places of other religions so all the citizens of Khajuraho left the town with a hope that its solitude will not attract attention of muslim invaders into the temple area and in this way both temple and they themselves will remain unhurt. So from about 13th century to 18th century, Khajuraho temples remain in forest cover, away from popularity till it was re-discovered by British engineer T. S. Burt.

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