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Kochi- A place to be visited before you die


Kochi- A place to be visited before you die

If you are a lover of the scenic places then you should add Kochi in the list and visit this beautiful place at the earliest. Kochi, also known as Cochin is a cosmopolitan city in Kerala with a bustling commercial port. Called the Queen of the Arabian Sea, Kochi was an important spice trading center on the west coast of India from the 14th century onward and maintained a trade network with Arab merchants from the pre-Islamic era.

Kochi is situated on the south-west coast of India at 9 Degree 58'N 76 Degree 13'E, with a corporation limit area of 94.88 km2 (36.63 sq mi). With time, the city has enlarged exceptionally outside the corporation limit set in 1967, although the official city limits haven't yet been increased yet. Much of Kochi lies at sea level, with a coastline of 48 km.

Content Kochi has been blessed with traders, explorers, and travelers to its pious land for more than 600 years. Then, wait you don't have to look for it somewhere else it's in India, which has a perfect blend of giant fishing nets from China, a 400-year-old synagogue, ancient mosques, Portuguese houses and the crumbling remains of the British Raj.

Kochi remained the center of Spice trade for many centuries. According to historians, the forerunner state to the Kochi came into existence in an early 12th century. The source Kochi's water, a beautiful scenery, comes from the groundwater and it is completely dependent on it and two rivers are flowing through this beautiful city named as Periyar and Muvattupuzha.

Kochi is known as Financial, Commercial, and Industrial capital of Kerala. This city is governed by Kochi corporation. It is located in Ernakulam district, Kerala, India. This place is lavished with natural beauty and sleeps in the lap of water. One should not miss this outstandingly beautiful place to visit, it is a relief to witness the beauty of nature. If you will visit then you will be bound to fall in love this place. So, what are you waiting for? Visit this place anytime and spend some time there with the loved ones.
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