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Marble Palace Zoo: Marble Palace ZooSituated, Chorbagan, 46 Muktaram Babu Street, in an artistically laid-out garden, the place is full of rare collection of antiques of immense artistic and historical value. Wonderful curios, China and a couple of paintings by Rubens are only a few to mention of the spectrum of attractions of the palace. The Marble Palace is situated on Muktaram Babu Street, off Chittaranjan.On the eastern side of Esplanade stands a spectacular building in Baroque style, complete with domes, pediments, balconies & clock tower. Known as the Metropolitan Building it once housed Calcutta’s (Kolkata’s) leading departmental stores run by the famous Whiteway, Laidlaw and Co.

Tipu Sultan Mosque: Located at 185 Dhartamtalla Street, the mosque is a relic of architectural and cultural heritage. People from all sections of society and religions are allowed to visit and take pictures of this historical premise.Prince Ghulam Muhammad, who is the youngest son of Tipu Sultan had built it and with the intention that it stands out as a marvel of Islamic architectural marvel and grandiose. The mosque has a capacity for a 1000 namazis (worshippers) at one go, has 16 domes and 4 minars.

Kali temple: This ancient Kali temple is Kolkata’s holiest spot for Hindus and possibly the source of the city’s name. Today’s version, a 1809 rebuild, has floral- and peacock-motif tiles that look more Victorian than Indian. More interesting than the architecture are the jostling pilgrim queues that snake into the main hall to fling
hibiscus flowers at a crowned, three-eyed Kali image. There’s no need to join them to feel the atmosphere.

Howrah Bridge: The bridge is one of the four on the Hooghly River interlinks the twin cities of Kolkata and Howrah. The bridge is a cantilever truss bridge and acknowledged as one of the largest of its kind around the world. More than 150,000 vehicles and 400,000 pedestrians pass through Howrah Bridge every day and is a famous symbol of Kolkata and West Bengal.

The Victoria Memorial:The Victoria Memorial is one of the popular tourist attractions in Kolkata. It is a majestic structure which is made with white marble. The structure was constructed during the British Empire in the memory of Queen Victoria. Hundreds of tourists who visit Kolkata come to the Victoria Memorial.It currently serves as a museum and a tourist attraction. It is an autonomous organization within the Government of India's Ministry of Culture.
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