Top Destinations in Kerala

Kuthiramalika Palace Museum

This Palace built by the Artist King Swathi Thrirunal Balarama Varma pays special attention to Travancore Architecture . The carvings and designs of the palace make it an amazing building to observe and appreciate.

The first room that you enter amazes you. The 14 life-size figures from Kerala legends and Kathakali definitely take ones breath away. As you enter the next halls, you see the paintings and collections of the royal family.

Ivory inlaid cots and seats, musical instruments and the tree of Music which produces the seven Swaras are all wonderful.

Kuthira Malika is an traditional Kerala architecture, with its typical sloping roofs, overhanging eaves, pillared verandahs and enclosed courtyards. Intricate carvings adorn the wooden ceilings, with each room having a distinctive pattern. The construction of the palace was completed by 5000 Vishwabrahmins in four years.

The floor inside the palace is made of egg whites, charcoal, and limestone, which make it cold and smooth even in hot weather conditions. The concert venue built in the palace premises uses traditional sound reflectors comprising fifty clay pots hung upside down from the ceiling.
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