Lost Treasures Of India Yet To Be Found

India was once considered as the richest nation in the world before it was plundered and drained of all its wealth by invaders and colonizers. The land used to be called "sone ki chidiya" (golden bird). India has been subjected to the most brutal battles to secure the wealth of the land by foreigners that in the course of those battles tens of thousands of people were killed.

Many of the stolen treasures from India were lost along the journey by the looters, whereas much of it is still believed to be present in India. Many of the ancient temples and palaces of the kings are believed to have secret vaults that still hold treasures beyond comprehension. So where are these treasures? Will India ever see them again? Well here are some of those lost treasures.

1. Padmanabhaswamy Temple

This temple is located in Kerala and continues to follow some strict rules like the dress code and the Hindu proclamation that needs to be said before entering the temple doors.
This temple came to the limelight back in 2011, when the court ordered the vault in the Temple to be opened.

What was in the vault shocked the whole nation? The amount of jewelry, gold, crowns and diamonds found in there. This is just one vault and it is believed that there are treasures worth tons more in vault B. The total amount of jewelry in vault A is believed to add up to $22 billion.

2. Wreck of the Grosvenor

The disaster of the wreck Grosvenor was tragic but it is believed that the East Indiaman was carrying treasures that were taken from India.
The ship sank but 123 people on board survived the wreck and were repatriated in South Africa.

The treasures aboard the ship are still not recovered but the ship is said to have been located. The location of the rest of the treasure is still not known. The ship had 2,600,000 gold Pagoda coins (weight unknown), 1,400 gold ingots (weight unknown), and nineteen chests of diamonds, emeralds, rubies and sapphires.

3. Sri Mokkambika temple, Karnataka

The temple is located at kollur, Udupi District, in Karnataka. The temple is dedicated to Mookambika Devi, another named for Parvati Devi, who is believed to have killed a demon called Kaumasura.

This temple gets an annual income of 17 crores although it took 35 crores for its development. It is believed that there are huge amount of treasures located inside the temple which they believe is being guarded by a huge serpent.

4. Treasures in Krishna River, Andhra Pradesh

The River that runs through the state is a huge source of water supply for four major states in the south and the lands on the banks are very fertile. Vijayawada in Andhra Pradesh is located at the banks but the interesting fact is that this river is said to have a diamond reserve.
The famous Kohinoor Diamond which now garnishes the royal crown in England is said to be found in the Krishna River. It is also revered by Hindus as a sacred river.

5. Secrets of Chaminar, Hyderabad

The monumental gate like structure in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, has many secrets that are yet to be unraveled.

History records that there is a tunnel that leads from Chaminar to Golconda fort, and this tunnel contains lost treasures that were left behind or buried by the Nizams in their final days. It was built by Sultan Mohammed Quli Qutub Shah.

6. Man Singh's lost treasure, Jaipur

Jaipur is indeed the city of Kings with palaces sitting on top of hills in all directions and not only that but also contains overwhelming history that is still a spectacle even today. Man Singh was a general in Akbar’s Army and was a ruler of Jaipur as well.

He had wealth which he looted from Afghan Province and hid it from Akbar, and all this treasures is believed to be hidden in tanks under the courtyard of the Jaigarh fort. Indira Gandhi, late Prime Minister of India gave an ordinance to search for the treasure which was transported to her residence in armed vehicles. The truth of this is still a mystery.

Nadir Shah's treasure: Nadir Shah was a Persian Invader who looted the country of so much wealth that the caravan stretched to 150 miles. Nadir Shah was tragically murdered and could not enjoy the spoils of the wars.

7. Sonbhandar Caves, Bihar

These caves are beautiful because they are carved out from monolithic rocks.

The cave was excavated but before all this the British once having learnt of the treasures within the cave tried to blow it open using canons which was a complete failure.

King Bimbisara's Treasury was supposedly located in the western cave next to the armory. This means that it was protected at all times.

8. Mughal Treasure of Alwar, Rajasthan

The city of Kings has always been a land of mystery with the number of historical locations and palaces that still stand tall. The district of Alwar, is believed to have the lost treasures of Mughal Emperor Jehangir, who took refuge in this great city when he was exiled.

The city of Alwar was prosperous even before the advent of the Mughals, where it is recorded that the people drank out of cups craved from emeralds.

9. Treasure of Mir Osman Ali, Hyderabad

The last known Nizam of Hyderabad, Mir Osman Ali, is said to have been the richest man on earth when he was alive. His total wealth was believed to be $210.8 billion, and was listed as the all time fifth richest man on earth till date.

The state's finances were reduced to nothing by his father who lived a lavish life. Hence when Osman Ali took the reins he brought the stat's treasury back on track and also amassed huge wealth for himself. His treasures are said to be hidden in underground chambers of the King Kothi Palace (Hyderabad).

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