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madhur siddhivinayak temple kasaragod

madhur siddhivinayak temple kasaragod
Madhur temple was originally Madhanentheswara Shiva Temple and as the lore goes, an old so called low caste lady Madura discovered an Udbhava Murthy a statue that was not made by a human of shiva linga. The Ganapathy statue was drawn by a priest's son a small Brahmin boy, on the walls of the Garbhagriha sanctum sanctorum while playing. Day by day it became big and fat so that the boy called Ganapathi as boddajja or bodda ganesha.

The legend of Kumble seme says Tipu Sultan wanted to demolish the temple like Adooru Mahalingeswara temple.

The Srimad Anantheswara Vinayaka Temple, with its rich architecture and copper plate roofing, rises majestically against the beautiful landscape of the Madhuvahini River. The Madhur Temple is a Siva temple with Srimad Anantheswara as its presiding deity.

But importance is given to the deity Maha Ganapathi. The Sivalingam of the temple is said to have been found by a harijan woman, Madharu.

The special festival of the temple is Moodappa Seva, which is covering the large figure of Maha Ganapathi with appam made of ghee and rice. The festival is conducted only periodically in view of the huge expenditure involved. It was celebrated in April 1962, after a lapse of about 160 years, and recently in April 1992.

Namaskara Mandapam of the temple has been decorated with beautiful wooden carvings of mythological heros. There is a mask on the temple which is said to be made by Tippu with his sword.
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